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TaperStack™ Nut Butter Lid

TaperStack™ Nut Butter Lid


Introducing our Rieke’s new TaperStack™ Nut Butter Lid!

Rieke Packaging would like to introduce the newest addition to our TaperStack™ family. Our new 89mm deep skirt closure is perfect for nut butters, spreads, sauces, condiments and countless other applications boasting all the features and benefits of our patent pending taper stack technology!

As with all of our TaperStack products, our 89mm lid features a stacking skirt enabling caps to nest together. This feature reduces warped closures and allows us to pack 40 to 60 percent more closures per case and per pallet. In turn, our customers can enjoy less filling line down time, lower freight costs and a reduced carbon footprint within their Supply Chain. It also includes the new shelf-stack feature which allows the bottles to be stacked and held in place, improving shelf-appearance.

The closures are available with various inner sealing liners depending on customers’ needs.  And, at a time where brand recognition is essential, Rieke offers its customers a range of customizable options – including color, embossment, and printing.

At Rieke Packaging we are committed to bringing our customers environmentally and economically conscious and innovative products. For a sample, or to find out more, please contact us!


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