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Francesca Williamson, Georgia Witton, Alexia Narlian

Francesca Williamson, Georgia Witton, Alexia Narlian


Graduate Rotation Programme

In 2015 Rieke successfully implemented an International Graduate Rotation Programme. In 2016 we are pleased to introduce to you our second cohort. The basis of the programme is that our team members will rotate through a number of our 13 locations over a period of three years, undertaking a range of assignments in different departments. During each assignment they will learn about key elements of the business and actively work on projects that support our 5-year strategic plan.

Rieke has worked closely with the University of Birmingham, one of the top universities in the UK, to recruit new graduates in 2016, Alexia Narlian, Francesca Williamson, and Georgia Witton all joined Rieke in October. Our newest team members have joined the company with academic qualifications in a variety of degree subjects from this leading university, located in the United Kingdom.

Suzanne Griffiths, Rieke's Global Vice President of Human Resources stated that she is delighted to have worked with the University and to have expanded Rieke's talent base.

During the three-year scheme, the team will develop core business skills by successfully working with our global teams and personnel in numerous functional roles. Whilst acquiring fundamental competencies over the course of the rotations, they will be prepared for future leadership opportunities including how to cultivate winning teams throughout Rieke.

On completion of the programme, the second cohort will be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the four levers within Rieke that drive our success: people, product, process and performance.

Today as part of the multinational TriMas Corporation, we constantly seek to create new original products in order to meet our customer's needs.

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